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Donate a Fish & Chips

Together we've donated


portions of Fish & Chips to charity!!!

Since June 2014


Since June 2014, the Walmer Fish & Chips shop, has donated a portion of fish and chips to charity every week. Through the “donate a fish and chips” scheme, we have been able to raise funds donated by generous costumers to increase the amount of fish and chips donated to charity. In the last four years or so, the total amount of fish and chips donated amounted to over 1,000 portions and conting. That is a lot of fish and chips!!


The “donate a fish and chips” scheme consists in releasing Food Vouchers entitling the holder to free portions of fish and chips. (or any other products on our menu of the same price).




1. The Walmer Fish & Chips donates 1 Voucher each week.

 1 voucher = 1 fish and chips


2. During the week, we collect further donations from customers in the Donation BOX.


Common donation = 1 Fish and Chips = £12

However, any donation is welcome - every little helps ;)


3. At the end of the week 100% of the money gets converted to food vouchers. (we will always round it up)


4. The food vouchers are distributed amongst people in need in our community via the Salvation Army and other local charities.



“The idea had been boiling over in our heads for a while, but it was hard to find a suitable arrangement which would guarantee fairness of resource distribution.”

-Giancarlo (Walmer Fish & Chips)


“We wanted to find a way to help our comunity, and be sure that 100% of what we donated would actually reach the people that most need it."

- Luisa (Walmer Fish & Chips)


"The “donate a fish and chips” was inspired by a system of charitable donations which I first encountered in Naples in the 80s. In certain caffes, people were encouraged to pay for coffees to be put behind the bar, for then any homeless/needy person to claim. I know that a few businesses operate a very similar system in this country too.


The concept remains rather the same for us, however, due to logistical differences, such as having a different sort of business and being in a not so central location, we have had to adapt this concept as best as we could, and so we talked it over with people from the Deal Lions, and Deal Ice Breakers and approached the local Salvation Army and it all took off."

-Carlo ( Walmer Fish & Chips)




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